Sunday, January 5, 2014

Welcome 2014

I have not been a very good blogger. I have a horrible tendency to get really excited about a project, start it, continue with it for a short amount of time, and then completely abandon it. I have great vision and then it all just fizzles. So, my goal is to KEEP posting in this blog as often as possible (I say that now).

Last year was a whirlwind of endings and new beginnings. The biggest news is that we BOUGHT OUR FIRST HOUSE! Now, while most people my age have already accomplished this, it's awesome for our family because it finally means we are stable. Instead of moving every 2-3 years, we are staying in one spot, for the rest of our lives. It's a little overwhelming knowing we closed a chapter in our lives, but exciting that a new one is beginning. Eric decided that the Army was just not for him anymore. And while I will miss some aspects of being a military wife, the stability is a huge sigh of relief. We started looking when Eric decided to not renew his contract. And looking took about two weeks until we found our HOME. We looked a few prebuilt homes and one we were seriously considering putting an offer on. But the work we needed to do to make it what we truly wanted was more than we wanted to take on. So we started looking at home builders. We looked at a few, but we finally found an affordable builder with a floor plan we loved. It took six months of waiting, but we finally moved in end of August.

It's OURS. We can paint the walls, put holes in the them, hang whatever we want and not have to worry about changing it back or losing our deposit when we move. We still haven't unpacked all of the boxes, but it does feel like HOME. What's even greater is that we love our neighborhood. Because of our move, I was able to reconnect with a childhood friend. It had been probably 20 years since the last time we spoke, but when we reconnected, it was like time never passed. It was great to hear about the 20 year lost and pickup where we left off. Because of this, we were able to meet the rest of our neighbors and found the piece that was missing in all of those other "homes". While we made great friends in Louisiana and Alaska, there's nothing like walking our your front door and having friends across the street. Brooke has made a lot of new friends and she loves that they are just a door knock away.

Eric also got a new job. He also received his BS in Business Management this past fall. I am so proud! Starting this January (tomorrow actually), he will begin classes to become certified to become a police officer. He has gone on a couple of ride alongs and loved it. So, when December comes, we will reevaluate where our lives are heading and make some important choices. 

Brooke started the first grade. She is now half way done with the year. She loves school. I am just hoping that enthusiasm stays at this high until the end of her scholastic career. A parent can hope right? She thrives and that makes us happy. 

So with this, I hope 2014 brings you even greater things that 2013 did!

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