Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Grey Loves Design - Blogger Templates - Etsy

I have this weird obsession with templates. No, really. I think I start new projects, just so I can search for the perfect template. I know this sounds crazy (and maybe it is), but I love browsing other people's talented work. So when I started this blog, I went on the hunt for the perfect template. I have an account on Etsy just for my purchases because I don't like purchasing things through my sellers accounts. I spent a good three to four hours Saturday scouring blogger templates on Etsy. I would heart one here, grimace at others there and so on. But I kept coming back to GreyLovesDesign.

I had purchased some templates from Maree (owner/designer) a week earlier for my handmade business blog and was impressed by her quick turn around time and professionalism. But this time, I was looking for additional items; a matching Facebook cover and avatar for the new Whimsy Boulevard page ("like" me). I emailed a few designers through Etsy and being the impatient person I am, stalked my email waiting for responses. Of course I decided to customize all of this on a weekend, when most people aren't working. But, I received a few emails back and just couldn't justify spending as much as they were asking. Now don't get me wrong, these designers were not overpriced. Especially for what they sell. However, I had my Scrooge McDuck pants on this weekend. But I kept coming back to Maree's shop. She has some super adorable and AFFORDABLE templates I loved. And the best part? She has a promotion in her shop until the end of April: Buy 2 for $25.99. This made my Scrooge very happy. So, being the impulsive person I was, went ahead and purchased that listing even before I found out if she could make a matching Facebook timeline cover and avatar. Not two second after I hit "confirm" did I get an email from Maree telling me she could. I emailed her back and told her that if she set up a custom listing, I would go ahead and purchase it right away.

Much to my surprise this morning, Maree had sent not only my templates, but had included the Facebook timeline covers and matching avatars, for no extra charge! This made my Monday morning absolutely wonderful. So, if you are looking for a cute new blog template, please, PLEASE check out GreyLovesDesign. She can also work with you on a completely custom, one of a kind template at a super reasonable price. And if you need help installing your new template? Maree can do it for you for a small add-on fee.

I have included screen shots and links to some of her other templates I absolutely LOVE.

Harley Nicole: the other design I purchased

Mary: love the soft feminine and floral design

Margo: I have a small chevron obsession

Macie: may need this for next winter. Love the subtle wintery theme!

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  1. Do you know if she shut down? I just googled her shop name and this was the only thing I could find on her.